Monday, July 20, 2009

Poco Bueno 2009

It has been a very busy weekend for us. This past weekend was the Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament that is held every year in Port O'Connor, Texas - my husband's home town. This is the biggest fishing tournament on the Texas coast, and boats come from literally all over the country, by invitation, to participate. My husband has been working the weigh station for many years now - he told me how many, but I forgot, I'll have to ask him again! His Dad worked the weigh station before him and he was even the weigh master.

This was my second year to attend Poco. I travelled down to Port O'Connor on Saturday afternoon with my brother and his fiance. We got to see the inshore fish being brought in from 3:00-5:00, and then from 5:00-8:00 we got to see the offshore fish which include dolphin(AKA Dorado, not bottle-nose dolphin like Flipper), tuna, wahoo and blue marlin.

Since my husband works the weigh station, I get special privileges and get to sit about five feet away from the action, and get the best possible view (while everyone else has to stay behind the roped off area). I feel like a VIP!!! We got to see some big fish, ate some good barbecue and had a lot of fun. I will post some pictures later.