Monday, August 31, 2009

Break From Blog-Land

I have taken a break from blog-land. First of all, blogger has been freaking out on me lately and it has gotten really annoying, and second, I have been crafting my butt off!

I have received so many custom requests from my Southern Girl Weddings site! I am very excited about my new venture and I love working with all 0f these lovely brides to be! In fact one of the brides that I worked with received her bridal hair piece in the mail and then blogged about it. She included pictures of her wearing the hair piece and everything! I have to be honest, it made me tear up a bit to see those pictures. No one has ever sent me pictures of them wearing one of my designs before and it really touched me. You can check out her post here.

I have also been adding more inventory to my shop. Here are some of my favorite bouquets:

I hope that I will be able to balance my shop, my life and my blog, but if I am absent again for a while, you will know why!


Deb said...

I found your blog doing a google search for "pictures of autumn wreath"...your work is amazing!!!

Meredith said...

Sure do miss your posts, but I know you are busy 'growing' things!!

I left you a blog award on my blog...

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

oh! i just came across your site... are these fresh bouquets?

they are lovely either way!

may i post them on my blog?