Friday, June 26, 2009

Got Milk?

In order for us to keep our ag exemption on our thirty acres we ended up putting cows out there! I have wanted to take pictures of them for a while, but they are never near the fence whenever we got out there. And if you think I am going to trek out into the tall grass after my near fatal snake incident (okay so it wasn't near fatal - but it was really scary!), you are sadly mistaken! Luckily, the other day we went out to the land and they were hanging out right at the fence, so I was able to get some good shots! My niece, who turns five this year, named one of them "Princess" - how funny is that!

And yes, I know that these are not milking cows, but come on you have to admit that is a cute title! I just couldn't resist!


Angela said...

They are so cute! The one in the middle in the bottom picture needs to kick the other ones out of the way and eat up! It is so skinny!

Southern Girl said...

They are skinny because they are really, REALLY old cows!

Kelly said...

i really wish i could have a cow! they are so gentle and sweet looking.