Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting the Big Picture

Is it just me, or do other people like seeing products on a model? I would rather seeing clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. that I am going to potentially buy, on actual people. Even if the dimensions are listed, it still doesn't beat having that visual image proportion-wise. You can see the big picture and imagine how it will look on you as well.

Most of my hair accessories are pictured by themselves because I don't want to wait until my sister comes into town, or have to transport them anywhere to have a "photo shoot" just to list them. I want to get them listed as soon as I can. During the week, whenever my husband comes home from work, he is usually exhausted and I know the last thing he wants to do is play "photographer".

Well today we didn't have anything planned, so I asked in my sweetest voice possible if he would mind snapping a few shots - he agreed! I pulled my hair up and grabbed a couple of my floral combs. Now my husband is wonderful when it comes to the camera, but nothing is ever right when it comes to my obsessive-compulsive need for perfect pictures. I felt so bad for him (and kept apologizing) when he ended up snapping over 50 pictures! He really did a great job and I am so thankful that he put up with me! Here are the shots that I added to two of my current listings. I didn't want to subject him to any further torture - we'll save the other floral accessories for another day!


elsiee said...

WOW! Those are stunning - a tip from a fellow photo perfectionist- are you using almost any in focus photo can be made perfect using this website!!

namaste, elsie

Jamie's Jewels said...

Those are amazing pieces and pictures....I ve never seen hair look so beautiful! Wedding perfect!

AMIdesigns said...

These are absolutely stunning!

meremere said...

Lindsay these pictures are beautiful!!!

Glitzer said...

Wow... these hair pieces are absolutely fab!!! Gorgeous!

Little Lovables said...

I agree with you totally on wanting to see it on a model, but that circumstances are sometimes hard to do that.

and WOW, I LOVE your hairpieces!