Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ready for Spring

I am totally ready for springtime! I was shopping at Hobby Lobby today buying supplies for two more wreath orders and noticed in the first few isles that they have Easter stuff! I absolutely love decorating Easter wreaths. I have so much fun using the pastel colors, the bunnies and the painted eggs. Unfortunately I was over my budget and did not pick up any Easter items yet. I try to limit myself each time I go to Hobby Lobby - otherwise I would go crazy!

I am in there so much I bet the employees practically know me by name. Today one of the ladies that works the floral counter was stocking some flowers. I passed by her with a basket overflowing with flowers, and she said "You're in here quite a bit." I replied with a sort of embarrassed "Yes ma'am." to which she replied "I bet you have a lot of flowers in your house." - you have NO idea!


Diamondaj said...

I am known at Hobby Lobby as well..lol. I go in there so much that one of the girls that works there now knows my name, and we talk the entire time I am there : )

Southern Girl said...

Oh that's funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one then!